Handmade Lampshades…a word from Painted Horse Design creator Tricia Daly

I decided to make lampshades….

Over the years I’d searched in the usual shops for lampshades I really wanted. Something that was different, not the usual made in the far east import, but a lampshade with great graphics or colour and something I actually loved looking at, lit up or not.

Here in the UK rooms need light and plain pale shades have their place – we all have them – but there’s also space for more interest and some art and colour in a lampshade which is not just a light source.

Fashions come and go, but some design transcends and lovely fabrics can do just that, creating a pictorial painterly quality or even a bit of nostalgia that makes the lamp in your room something you want to look at and enjoy for its own sake and something visitors will appreciate.

Liberty Flowers Lampshade 4Liberty Flowers Lampshade 3
Many fabrics which aren’t ordinarily available and no longer produced are used by Painted Horse Design. Consequently we’re only able to make a very limited number of lampshades using particular fabrics which means your lampshade may be either a one-off or one of only a handful in existence. Your friend down the road is not going to have one like it!


Liberty FlowersLiberty Flowers Lampshade 2

This has been the background to the early days of Painted Horse Design and so far, I’ve found that quite a lot of people have had the same thoughts as me and have been buying my lampshades.

I generally sell on the internet, but like you, I’m someone who really likes to see what they’re buying….so I’ve tried as far as possible to provide a good selection of ‘reality’photos so you can get as good a feel of textures, colours and size as possible.

Lamp Sample 3

None of my lampshades are sold in High Street shops.  Because this is an internet business, I can keep prices at a sensible level.

This is going to be a regularly changing website with lots of new lampshades – so please keep looking!