Bespoke Lampshades

Fabric ExamplesLampshade FabricYou can have the size, shape and fabric of your choice made by Painted Horse Design.


I’m happy to make most shapes of lampshade…

DRUM lampshades are circular and cylindrical with vertical sides – like a drum!

Fabric RedGreen Lampshade
TAPERED DRUM or EMPIRE lampshade has a smaller diameter at the top than the base.

The lampshade may be only slightly tapered – which can look quite 50’s and smart or at the other extreme, a ‘COOLIE’ lampshade (Habitat 70’s) has a smaller top diameter and much larger base diameter – fabulous!


We can make most sizes in the above shapes, from clip-on candle shades to shades for standard lamps or as large drum pendants.

The following sizes are available.  Let me know what ring size you’d like and the height.
Ring diameters:  15cm, 20cms, 25cms, 30cms, 35cms, 40cms, 45cms, 45cms, 50cms, 60cms, 70cms, 100cms.
Small clip on shades have a top diameter of 5cms and base diameter of 8cms.

Because of the width of most fabrics, lampshades with a diameter of over 40cm need an extra panel putting in so there’s an extra seam.

Table Lamp or Pendant?

Each of the lampshades in the shop is described as being made for either a table lamp, or a pendant to hang from the ceiling. Generally they have different fittings and generally don’t do both. Please indicate which fitting you’d like.

What Fabric To Choose

You may already have or want to buy your own fabric to use for a lampshade. Linen and cottons are easiest to use. Raw silk is fine, as is lighter weight wool fabric. Synthetic fabrics are more difficult to work with and can fray.

We will make the best use of your chosen fabric and emphasise the most appealing features of the pattern and design.

Contact us and we’ll discuss it with you and let you know what sizes we can make, how much material you need to send us and how much it will cost.

E-mail: info@paintedhorsedesign

Phone: 07779 860 048