Lampshade Country House Meet (In Colour)

Country House Lampshade (In Colour)Drum lampshade covered in cotton/linen fabric.

Dimensions: 40cm x 32cm height.  (£62)

This lampshade is suitable for a standard lamp.

This is a handmade drum lampshade with a rolled edge, covered in cotton/linen fabric over white flame retardant laminate.

Country House Meet (in colour)
Drum lampshade.
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Price: £62.00
Price: £62.00
Fitting :
Size :
You can use up to a 100w bulb or energy saving equivalent.  The holder on the shade is also suitable for European light fittings.

Usually despatched within three working days.  If you’ll have to wait a little longer, I’ll let you Konw.

Price: £48.00

P&P £8