Lampshade Hanbok

P1040763P1040759P1040760Drum Lampshade 40cm diameter  x 30cm height (pictured).  This beautiful lampshade is suitable for use on a standard lamp base or large table lamp.  It can also be made as a pendant to hang from the ceiling. If you’d prefer this, just send me a message.


This special edition lampshade covered in fine crepe fabric is gorgeous and we have a very limited supply.  The vibrant colours of the Far Eastern costumes are a joy.  This is a unique item you’ll love.  Each lampshade is different, showing a different aspect of the fabric…but rest assured… they’re ALL wonderful.
Price:   £78.00   p&p £8.00    

Drum lampshade covered in beautiful crepe fabric.
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Price: £78.00
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The lampshade has a neatly rolled edge and the fabric is backed with white flame retardant laminate.  You can use up to a 60w bulb or energy saving equivalent. We usually despatch within five working days. Lampshade Shop Return